Developing students thought abilities is crucial for the learning process: José Luis Bonilla

The inclusion of students thought abilities and skills in the learning-teaching process, is very important but there must be a search a manner to develop these skills every day in the classroom, said José Luis Bonilla Esquivel, director of the Social Science School in CETYS University and coordinator of the Education Doctorate during the conference “Learning through my students individual skills” which took place in the campus and was attended by teachers and professors.

“There are manners to promote though skills, form direct and indirect systems. In the second ones, some emphasize creativity, which helps people to establish such processes from the  lateral thought, for resolution of problems in a unorthodox manner, which takes them to be creative, this has gone beyond the classroom to the organizational environment”, he said, talking about authors like Edward de Bono.

He also said that from the direct systems to develop thought abilities, there are cognitive points of view where international programs which haven´t arrived to Mexico yet, since they imply specialized training for the teachers, but it can be of great help to enhance intellectual performance, mostly in cases on cognitive incapacity issues, and people such as psychologist Reuven Feuerstein have worked on this.

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