Another whale gets stranded in Ensenada

Another whale got stranded and ended up at the spot known as Punta Banda in Ensenada Baja California. The animal was buried in the area after the personnel of the Environmental Protection Agency reviewed the case.

The stranding was notified last Monday May 13th, to Municipal Civil Protection who gave notice to the rest of the corresponding environmental authorities to proceed with the protocol, and bury it after taking samples to be analyzed.

The cetacean, according to the first data, was a gray whale that arrived at dead beach and had already entered the decomposition process.

Due to the size of the marine mammal, heavy machinery provided by the Ejido Esteban Cantú had to be used to bury the animal.

This is the fourth stranding on the coasts of Ensenada so far in 2019.

The Baja Post Newsroom

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