Drug trafficking cartel leaders captured in Guanajuato and Morelos

State and federal officials in Guanajuato and Morelos dealt a blow to two criminal organizations on the weekend with the arrest of two leaders.

The first took place yesterday in Celaya, where officials apprehended a man identified as José Francisco N., described only as a “leader of an important cartel in the country” but identified in one report as belonging to the Gulf Cartel.

A search of the home in which the suspect was caught yielded several luxury vehicles, 300,000 pesos (US $15,700) in cash, assault rifles, hand guns and jewelry.

In Morelos, meanwhile, agents from the federal Attorney General’s Office apprehended a man identified as Manuel N., believed to be a leader of the violent Los Rojos criminal organization.

He was arrested without the use of force in Zacatepec on charges of organized crime and kidnapping.

Source: Mexico News Daily

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