Social Development Secretary will help the family of three children who died on a fire in Mexicali Valley

Three children, 4, 5 and 6 years old, died when their house burned down, where they lived with their mother when it was located in Ejido Ricardo Mazon Guerrero, Guadalupe Victoria City in Mexicali Valley, and because of this the State Government, through the Social Development Secretary (Sedesoe in Spanish) and the Baja California Integral Family System (DIF) are helping the family which was seriously affected by the fire.

Sedesoe personnel is supporting the relatives of the deceased in order to help them with paperwork and funeral expenses and also started  the legal procedures to grant them support by means of construction materials to rebuild the house to Glenda Marlene Baltazar Reyes; which she rents to the children´s mother Alejandra Morales and her husband Ricardo Reyes. Baja California State government informed that Armando Ascencio Lopez will also be helped by Sedesoe and DIF-BC, who was also affected by the fore that caused last weekend´s tragedy

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