Water walls transformative center opens where there was once a high security prison in Mexico´s Pacific Ocean

A few months ago the islands where still a high security prison, which closed by President Lopez Obrador orders and now is what he calls José Revueltas WATER WALLS TRANFORNATIVE CENTER, which received its first group of visitors from Oaxaca, among them the members if the Philharmonic Orchestra of the Calmecac Institute, headed by founder and director Nathanael Lorenzo Hernandez, hailing from the city of Nejana de Madero, said the Environment Protection Secretary (Semarnat), Josefina Gonzalez Blanco who said that this center aims to educate and provide orientation and learning processes thru sportive and cultural activities.

The main goal is to form the new generations with social and environmental awareness fostering respect for nature as well as transmitting a message of special and natural commitment, empathy and solidarity, with Semarnat and the National Institute of Native Indigenous People, boys and teenagers lived a transformation experience they got to know this emblematic site which offers very special geographical characteristics, with a huge biodiversity and they also learned the story of these historic Marias Islands, which they explored and then played the “Environmental treasure hunt” and enjoyed a concert by the Orchestra.

“Those people interested in visiting this Center will stay from three to five days, coordinated by an educational or government institution, where there will be courses on “Eco philosophy” and will sow the ecosystemic understanding the collective conscience” said Secretary Gonzalez who also remarked that the islands are now a Protected Natural Area.

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