Drugs are the main source of crime in Cedros Island: Governor Kiko Vega


Cedros Islands is an important part of Baja California and it has been affected by drug dealing, and there are two criminal groups fighting for the turf, who have already burned an airplane, so Governor Kiko Vega along with Admiral Jorge Luis Cruz Ballado, Mexico´s Navy Zone II Commander and State attprney Perla Ibarra, paid a visit and announced a tripartite technical workteam to face the problem, amd also said that there will be a special environmental to protect the plant known as SIEMPRE VIVA (ever alive) a unique plant that grows only on the island and has a huge commercial value in the East.

Governor Vega also mentioned the serious problem of the State´s turnpikes, since the poll booths are taken by a group of people with a polical agenda, so it implies financial losses and deters Baja California public image, and said that he has already discussed the issue with Alfonso Durazo, federal Secretary of Security and Citizens Protection.

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