Swimming in the Hardy river and other bodies of water in Mexicali valley may be dangerous


As part of the surveillance actions that the Health Secretary of Baja California carries out every summer´s heat season, the State Government issued an alert inviting citizens not to swim in irrigation canals and other bodies of water such as the Hardy river since there is a permanent risk of the FREE LIFE AMOEBA, said Doctor Hector Rivera Valenzuela, who also said that young students use to go to those kinds of places for recreational purposes, which endangers their health and life.

He also pointed out that any other aquatic activities are possible, so he invited the owners of vacation centers located around the Hardy river to take measures in order for their camp visitors not to swim in the river or in swimming pools where the water has not been treated against the afore mentioned organism, and also said that this alert resulted from a permanent monitor task in several points of the Hardy river which show the presence of the protozoa   

In case of exposition to the amoeba and presence of the following symptoms: 38 Celsius degrees of body temperature, intense headache, doctor Rivera advised to go to the health center immediately and tell the medical personnel that the patient has swum in those places, and also said that the Secretary is surveilling swimming pools and other water amusement centers to prevent this sort of problem.

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