In recent days many reports have been received from residents of the Villas del Rey, Buenos Aires and Valle de Mexicali subdivisions about the presence of rattlesnakes, for which the State Government through the Ministry of Health, makes a call to the citizens to beware and be very attentive to this situation.

The State Secretary of Health, Caleb Cienfuegos Rascón, said that although the mountainous areas of Tijuana, Ensenada, Rosarito, Tecate, La Rumorosa and San Felipe, are sites more prone to the presence of these snakes, the municipality of Mexicali is a natural habitat for this species.

The helath secretary invited the population to be alert to the presence of snakes and not try to capture them, since more than 60% of accidents happen when people try to kill them. The recommendation is to retire slowly or if it is too close, drop an object on the side of the snake’s head to distract it and then move away in the opposite direction.


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