CETYS Campus Mexicali´s RECICALI donates teh computers to Foster Home “A way out”

Recicali Project from CETYS UNIVERSITY Campus Mexicali, announced the donation of ten computers and enough books to start a small library to the foster home and school “A WAY OUT” so the young people living and studying there can complete their academic formation and have more resources to achieve this and other goals, according to Alma Gurrola, coordinator of Recicali and the Student Life Department of CETYS University who also said: “This donation will help the people in several different activities and will provide them with alternatives for  recreation and educational/academic formation.

Gabriela Ortiz, Director of A WAY OUT thanked CETYS and said that the students, who are currently in high school online, will be able to do homework and other assignments and the ten computer donation will make a big difference for them, and remarked that the institution where she works is worried about young people and tries to help them because they are easy prey for organized crime due to their lack of education opportunities.

Rosa, a 17 year old resident of A WAY OUT said that this donation means a lot to her since this opens a whole new horizon for her and other students because they only had one computer for all of them to share and now they will be able to be more productive regarding their academic activities and will be able to accomplish more in a smaller period of time.

CETYS UNIVERSITY students who not only recycle to take care of the environment or product reuse, but also fostering awareness and change of habits and attitude of the students’ community, which have effects in families, and community and foster their social sensitivity and empathy form Recicali Group.

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