Savage assault by a teenager on another girl in Mexicali, caught on video, deleted from the Web


A child who´s barely beginning her teenage years, a Public Junior High School student in the Lomas Altas section of Mexicali, was at a few blows to commit the first feminicide in Mexicali, when she, in a frightening and violent manner, attacked another student who was on the floor, defenseless, and kicked her head at least three times as well as punching her several in more occasions, while an accomplice recorded her on video and posted it on social media showing that she feels above the Law for some reason.

The videocirculated on social media, it showed a girl, a junior high student, being the victim of a savage attack by another student, being kicked and punched on the head mainly, with such a strength that may have caused  serious concussions to the victim, another student recorded on her phone and several cowardly voices can be heard cheering the aggressor, a testimonial that (absurdly) they posted on the internet, showing that they are sure that this criminal assault will go unpunished for “some reason”.

Some social media users have published a FB profile saying that it belongs to the girl who delivered the kicks and punches, but THE BAJA POST considers that doing this is also above the Law, so we won´t published it, nevertheless it is important to secure the aggressor and the “filmmaker” for psychiatric evaluation and event think about the possibility to try them as adults in a court of Law because the hate and aggression level shown by the girl on the video are those of criminal and not of teenagers settling a quarrel or anything like that, that behavior is not of a normal person but of someone that may become (or may have already become) a serious hazard for society.

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