Carl Zeiss, optical tech leading company, will enhance its Tijuana operation investing 785 million pesos: Governor Vega

Carl Zeiss, German lens manufacturer with 173 years of experience, one of the optical and prescription lens technology world leaders, announced a 41 million dollar (785.5 million pesos) investment to enhance its Photo Fusion operation in Tijuana, during Governor Francisco Kiko Vega promotion tour of Europe.

Zeiss Vision Care Marketing and Sales Director, Sven Hermann; Aalen Operation boss, Marc Ellenrieder; Consumer Market Communications chief, Joachim Kuss altogether with the Secretary of Economic Development of Baja California Carlo Bonfante Olache, took part in the meeting where the Carl Zeiss executives explained that the new area will have a 10 thousand square feet surface for the photo chromic processes which is a high impact project that will create 200 direct jobs within the next three years’ time.

Carl Zeiss currently employs 2 thousand 700 people in the plastic resin lens manufacture and the optical precision lens assembly lab (prescription lenses) in its three stages and the operation enhancement contemplates adding polymerization processes to obtain “Thermoset” resin, polycarbonate and the Photofusiuon, which is a ZEISS patent which gives the resin gradual degradation when they´re exposed to the sunlight.
This will enhance the company prescription lens manufacture operation in 30%, that is a grand total of 149 thousand lens a day, turning Zeiss Tijuana into the biggest supplier for the ,markets in America and Asia.

ZEISS GROUP is a German company, develops semiconductors, measuring technology, microscopes, medical technology, eyeglass lenses, camera lenses for photographic and cinematographic cameras, binoculars and technology for planetary museums and it began as a simple optical and precision mechanics workshop set up by Carl Zeiss in 1846 in the city of Oberkrochen in southwest Germany.

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