Rosarito Beach: The Mexican Hollywood

ROSARITO BEACH, Baja California.- For almost two decades, 1996 to be precise, Playas de Rosarito has become the favorite destination for some of the most important film productions in Hollywood and, recently, for television series.

The studios that are located in the south coast of the municipality hosted, 23 years ago, the filming of the James Cameron award winning movie, Titanic, as well as other famous titles such as Pearl Harbor and Little Boy.

In recent years, Playas de Rosarito hosted television productions such as Fear The Walking Dead (two seasons were produced during two years in Rosrito). And now, the Selena Quintanilla television series is currently filmed, which is produced by an American entertainment company that will broadcast it via streaming.

In an interview, the Secretary of Tourism of Baja California, Fernando Toledo, pointed out that the closeness to California, United States, the cost and variety of landscapes offered by the municipality and the state, cause producers to choose this region for their productions.

“The landscapes of Baja California offer a wide variety of sceneries, in three hours you can be in the desert, in Mexicali, or in La Rumorosa, where Matt Damon recorded a “Mars” movie, because it offered landscapes that could easily resemble “The Red Planet”.

“In addition, proximity is an advantage, because for example a producer can go to his mansion in Los Angeles on the weekends, because he is just two hours away by car, and he does not have to travel all the way down to Malaysia, where he could probably get a cheaper deal in some things, but he can go back home every weekend to see his family, “he said.

According to data from the state tourism agency, in 2018 Baja California received 77 productions including short films, feature films, video clips, TV commercials, documentaries and television programs.

The Baja Post Newsroom with information from El Heraldo

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