Mexicali family attention DIF System receives twelve wheelchairs donation for cancer patients

In Mexico, cancer is the third cause of death and 14 of every 100 Mexicans die of cancer and their average age is 63 years old, according to information issued by the Secretary of Health of Mexico´s Federal Government, that is why it´s very important to underline that there was a donation of twelve wheelchairs to DIF System Mexicali, for the patients of the Oncological House Guadalupe Mother which operates in Mexicali since last December and has served and taken care of a little more than 75 patients since then.

Mayor Sanchez and his wife, with MEDLINE vicepresident, in GUADALUPE Mother Oncological Center, there were 12 wheelchairs donated by the company

Mexicali Mayor Gustavo Sanchez and his wife, Margarita Flores (Mexicali DIF family system President) thanked Jim Roos, vicepresident of Medline Mexicali plant and Guillermo Salcido, the company´s operation director, for the donation and Ms. Flores said that this wheelchairs will be of great help to facilitate the mobility of patients to and from the Specialty Hospital UNEME, where they get their cancer treatments.

The company representative acknowledged the great job and benefit of the Guadalupe Mother Oncological House, not only for Mexicali community but also for Baja California and other adjacent states, so they pledged to keep on helping Guadalupe Mother patients and their treatments.

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