Lead singer of “Los Hijos del Cartel” executed in Tijuana

Roberto Domínguez Trejo, 25, vocalist of the northern music group “Los Hijos del Cartel” was shot to death in Tijuana, Baja California on Wednesday August 14th.

According to police reports, the events occurred when the narcocorridos singer was in a gas station located on Libramiento Sur with his wife and baby.

When suddenly, an unidentified subject, arrived in a car, and without saying one word, shot Beto Trejo in the head, and then immediately fled the scene. His wife and baby were unharmed.

Although paramedics arrived on site minutes later to provide medical attention to the victim, the young man was declared dead at the crime scene.

Unofficial versions indicate that the songs of “Los Hijos del Cartel” refer to “characters” from two opposite criminal cartels.

The Baja Post

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