Kiko Vega´s administration invested 59 million pesos between 2013 and 2019: Matías Arjona

Ninety percent of the State´s minor fishing boats for were modernized by the State Government headed by Francisco Kiko Vega de Lamadrid, with an investment over 59 million pesos according to the Fishery and Aquaculture Secretary of Baja California Matías Arjona, who said that there were new engines and boats for the fishermen as well as conservation, navigation and safety equipment.

Arjona said that the direct benefit of these actions were carried out with State and Federal resources and there were more than 2 thousand 500 fishermen and their families who received the benefits of this program.

The main goal was to contribute to the safety and productive efficiency of the State fishermen it is also a big response to diminish the sea pollution, and this goes to place Baja California as a national example for productivity and ecological awareness.

“We have decided to keep this program which favors a bigger efficiency in navigation and at the same time gives more security to all those people involved in Baja California fishery”, said Arjona.

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