Mexico and China strengthen links with academic exchange between CETYS University and Northewestern Polytechnic from X’ian, China

Seeking to get both Mexico and China closer to each other is part of the commitment which the new generations of college graduates will have in the near future, said Professor Li Dan, Northwestern Polytechnic University form X’ian, China, who is visiting CETYS University in Mexicali as part of an international exchange between both institutions.

Aiming for Mexican and Chinese teachers to teach courses of their native tongue in the country they are visiting, this opportunity is a goodwill act between China and Mexico, since language is the best vehicle to understand another culture and strengthen relations among nations.

“It is important to create new platforms of learning which may impact in the human capital development in both countries, this professional exchange is the reflection of the commitment between my university and CETYS aiming to foster talent”, she explained.  

Li Dan not only teaches Mandarin Chinese, she also works other activities with CETYS students such as: Calligraphy, paper crafts and their meaning, traditional Chinese painting, tea culture and opera style face make up, Professor Li Dan will be soon visiting CETYS Campus Tijuana as well as Ensenada to promote China and its culture.

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