Clandestine casino closed down by Rosarito Majorette Aracely Brown with Federal Police help

Rosarito Majorette, Aracely Brown said that she had to wake up very early to attend last Tuesday Citizen’s Security and Peace Construction Technical Board with Governor elect Jaime Bonilla because she worked late Monday night, when she headed the operation that closed the illegal casino, which had been working in Rosarito.

Before he departed to Mexico City to lobby for more financial resources, Mr. Bonilla offered his support to the Police Departments of the five Baja California Municipalities, aiming to improve equipment and increase the amount of officials in those PD´s.

City Hall General Secretaries of Tijuana, Ensenada and Tecate were also there as scheduled; they talked about the security and safety conditions of their respective cities and their most urgent necessities, so the new Governor could help them as he personally offered during his electoral campaign.

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