Baja California Sur, disaster and emergency area, declared by Civil Protection national coordination: Governor Mendoza Davis

Due to the heavy rains that hit Los Cabos Sunday, October 13th ´s early hours, the Civil Protection National Coordination declared general emergency, Governor Carlos Mendoza Davis asked the Federal Government to do it so La Paz and Los Cabos have been appointed Emergency and Disaster area, because of the sudden storm and the intermittent rains that followed.

Early Sunday, October 13, intense rain flloded Los Cabos downtwon, Governor Carlos Menodoza Davis announced that the National Coordination of Civil Protection declared Los Cabos and La Paz, energency and disiater area.

Los Cabos commercial area downtown, seriously felt the rain effects, there was where the water that runs towards the bay, flooded streets, businesses, restaurants and caused severe damage all over the commercial area of  Los Cabos.

Pavement streets, dirt roads were seriously blocked by the waste and trash that the flow dragged, and citizens altogether with merchants and Government officials have undertaken the hard task of removing mounds of sand and trash which were washed up there by the floods and were left there after the intense rains let up.

In the Senate, South Baja California Senator, Guadalupe Saldaña, called the Federal Government to take care of this emergency since the damages are similar to those brought by hurricane John last year, she also said that a woman drowned and hundreds of people had their homes destroyed by the mud and water gush that ravaged Los Cabos last Sunday.

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