CETYS Mexicali and Rodríguez Foundation from Sonora create a scholarship for three outstanding students

CETYS University shows its commitment with granting access to education and thus forming change agents capable to transform Mexico and the world, CETYS University and the Rodríguez Spouses Foundation have implemented the RODRIGUEZ SPOUSES SCHOARSHIP, which is an impulse covering 90% of tuition aiming to guarantee outstanding students a private college education which they otherwise wouldn´t be able to afford.

The first two beneficiaries are two Sonoran students: Kaori Ximena Pino Irakami, from Rocky Point and Astrid Rosas Villegas from Caborca, both study Psychology, as well as Rolando Espinoza Valdéz from Hermosillo who is currently studying Administration, all of them are freshmen.

This way, the collaboration between CETYS and the Sonoran foundation (created in 1946 by General Abelardo L. Rodríguez and his wife) which has granted scholarships to more than 65 thousand students, all hailing form Sonora, form elementary all the way up to graduate school.

“We value CETYS academic level and infrastructure development, the agreements they have with other universities all over the United States, which gives CETYS a unique level in Mexico. We believe that supporting someone with a scholarship to study here, we can actually transform their lives, that is what we are here for and it is something we share with CETYS as an institution”, said Luis Carlos Osuna Ortiz, Rodríguez Spouses Foundation.

Osuna congratulated the young beneficiaries and invited them to keep up their good academic development and, most of all, their social commitment with the future so maybe, ahead in their lifetime, they may be able to change other people´s lives as theirs have been changed by means of this scholarship, thus creating a virtuous circle.

Fernando León, CETYS System Dean, celebrated this alliance consolidation and invited the scholarship beneficiaries to keep alert. “I congratulate you because of the good work you have carried out and I remind you that the real challenge begins now, because there is a necessity to confirm, with good results your status, your good performance and development. Take the most advantage of this chance”, he said.

The top authority of CETYS indicated that, currently, 80% of the students in CETYS have some sort of scholarship. “We are sure that, on one side the students and on the other side CETYS University, won´t let you down, we hope this to grow, and top strengthen this synergy”, he finally said.

Supporting and changing lives

The three scholarship beneficiaries thanked the Rodríguez Foundation, as well as CETYS: Kaori Pino said: “I thank the foundation and CETYS because they are forging our future, reminding us that we have many reasons to keep preparing ourselves in order to personally grow and after helping ourselves, also help others and society as a whole to improve, we won´t disappoint CETYS or the Foundation”, she said.

“The truth is that there is not a manner to thank this, which is my life´s dream and I am very happy, I like school very much, teachers, facilities, everything. I am going to give my best,” said Rolando Espinoza.

Finally, Astrid Rosas said: “I have a daughter and when she was born I realized the deep misinformation existing among parents who think that educating their children by means of mistreatment is ideal. My objective is to help them achieve education with no mistreatment, and professionally prepare myself to make this dream come true and give all parents the necessary tools for a healthy upbringing so they won´t mistreat their children. This is my commitment with all of you”-  

Rodríguez Spouses Foundation scholarships will be delivered annually to three freshman students from CETYS Universidad Campus Mexicali, who must be interested in getting a degree from the institution, they also have to be Sonoran and have a high outstanding academic performance as well as outstanding sports, cultural and/or social development.

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