Baja California government will count Longhorn ram specimens to determine the species population

Conservation and survival of the longhorn ram are a huge priority for Baja California governor Jaime Bonilla, who gave instructions to the Tourism and Sustainable Economy Secretary (SEST) in order to carry out an account of that animal population through monitoring flights, thus being able to determine how many specimens of the longhorn ram still roam the State.

Environment Under Secretary, José Carmelo Zavala, said that the monitoring tasks will be done in a joint effort with the San Diego Zoo Institute for Conservation Research on November 11, 12 and 13 and he also declared that: “Or goal is to get acquainted with the reality of the ram populations which are scattered on mountainous areas located in the North of the State, the last time the specimens were counted , trough 32 hours of surveillance flights and 318 specimens”.

This study will give data about the abundance and current distribution of longhorn ram populations, which are located in Northern Baja California and it will be very important for decision making related to the conservation and sustainable handling of the species, and this aerial monitoring task aims to cover, in its first leg, the following areas: Ejido Cordillera de Molina, on the following mountain ranges: Las Tinajas, Cucapah and San Pedro Mártir, said Zavala

The following people and organizations will participate in this undertaking: Institute for Conservation Research, Dr. Lisa A. Nordstrom, Dr. Mathias Tobler, M.C. Jorge Alanís García, M.C. Jorge Fernando Sánchez Solís and biologist Aurelio Álvares Higuera; the Natural Resources Director of the SEST, Luis Felipe Ledezma Gil; José Manuel Sánchez de la Parra from the Wildlife Department.

The SEST will keep working together with the Research Institutes and Civil Organizations of the Civil Society who wish to participate in protecting and conservation the area natural resource distribution.

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