State Police agent arrested in Tijuana, he was possession of 12 kilos of crystal methamphetamine

Authorities from the Construction Table for Peace in Baja California, after the hard work of an intelligence task force, detained a state policeman, named Fernando “X”, with twelve kilograms of methamphetamine , and he is also supposed to have links to organized crime, this special Peace Table includes agents from: National Defense (SEDENA, Mexican Army), Mexican Navy, National Guard, State Guard of Security and Investigation (GESI) and Tijuana Police Department, the detained is a State law enforcement agent and at the moment of his arrest, was on vacation.  

After receiving the information, authorities deployed several agents aiming to locate and capture Fernando, a strategic deployment in Colonia Loma Bonita, in Tijuana, the suspect was finally arrested in a parking lot on Cucapah Boulevard, where two cars were detected: a Chevrolet Aveo license plates AKW-8274 and a Dodge Ram with license plates AP05652, which belonged to the alleged drug dealers

Fernando got off the Dodge Ram and handled a green bag to the other car´s occupants, which were immediately surrounded  and searched, the law enforcers found 13 kilos 600 grams of crystal methamphetamine, enough to produce around 136 thousand doses, other suspects arrested are: Óscar Salvador “N”,  23 years old; Óscar Saúl “N”,  20 years old; Cristián Adrián “N”,  22 years old; Edgar Javier “N”,  36 years old Juan Alonso “N”,  24years old, the State Attorney Office explained that any illegal action, any crime   committed by anyone will be punished, since there will be no tolerance in behaviors against the law.

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